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Bauerfeind® Compression Sock Training

Bauerfeind® Compression Sock Training For sports the include quick jumping or turning or pivoting motions. Includes zones to increase calf muscle stimulation. Great for Functional zones with gentle compression Increased ankle stability Protection zone for the Achilles tendon
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Strength, Stiffness and Weight

A conversation about Strength, Stiffness and Weight, from Bledsoe Bracing One important factor in brace design is the strength and stiffness versus the weight of the materials. Strength and stiffness are not the same thing. Here’s an analogy: A rubber band is stretched to failure. The rubber band failed at five pounds of force, but…
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My ACL reconstructions don’t require a brace!

"My ACL reconstructions don't require a brace !" A conversation between a surgeon and Bledsoe Brace Systems… When a physician states that his ACL reconstructions are so strong that his patients don’t require bracing, he is speaking strictly of the mechanical strength of the procedure. He is also acknowledging that most braces do not provide…
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Dynamic Bracing – A New Frontier!

Dynamic Bracing - A New Frontier Dynamic braces are an entirely new category of bracing pioneered by Bledsoe Brace Systems. These braces use muscle powered leg movement to translate a hinge lever, shell, or strap that works against a particular pathological movement or condition. First, It is necessary to understand the pathology that exists in…
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Functional Brace Principles

Functional Brace Principles, from Bledsoe Brace Systems : Functional braces are not magic! They have their strengths and capabilities as well as their limitations. In order to understand what functional braces can and cannot do on the leg, it is first necessary to understand the working principles of functional braces. The two factors that enhance…
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Introducing the NEW Happy Brace Co. Website

The NEW Happy Brace Website Has Launched! We are so excited to announce our brand spanking new website has gone live today, Tuesday 19th May 2015 and is located at the same address: The site’s homepage welcomes visitors with bold colours, a clean uncluttered design, and moving images with featured content focused on our…
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