Crossover ROM Knee Brace

The Crossover ROM post-operative knee brace is designed for very mild meniscal and/or collateral injuries. Patients with minor knee ligament strains and stretches or meniscal damage can benefit from added support to prevent more serious injury. The Crossover ROM provides control over range-of-motion of the knee to aid in healing and rehabilitation.

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  • Locked or limited motion control during rehabilitation after arthroscopic procedures or injury.


  • Custom
  • OTS
  • XS-2XL
  • 3D Neoprene or Tritech
  • Standard or Sport Hinge


  • Easily adjustable ROM hinges for ideal anatomical placement
  • Adjustable hinge controls flexion and extension from -10 ̊ to 110 ̊
  • Front closure wraparound design for easy application
  • Cool breathable spacermesh material
  • Sport hinges and straps convert Crossover ROM to Crossover