Game-Ready® Cold Therapy and Compression

Overview: The Game-Ready® system is a great option for patients looking for a short-term rental of a cold therapy and compression unit. All rentals are for two weeks, and you simply ship the unit back following the rental period.

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The Game-Ready® system is a great option for patients looking for a short-term rental of cold therapy and compression. All rentals are for a two week period so this is a great short term choice. Simply ship the unit back after two weeks. Game-Ready® provides return shipping information. Therefore the rental process is simplified.

The Game-Ready® system offers cold therapy and compression therapy for patient use after surgery. The system is also often used by athlete's for sports medicine therapy since it is easy to use system. It comes with a variety of pads for the knee, hip, shoulder, foot/ankle, and back. Since this unit has the flexibility of a bilateral attachment it is probably the best choice for bilateral procedures. Hence this is a good option if you are having two surgeries.

The cold therapy works by cooling the body part. This eases the pain and also brings down inflammation. The compression therapy helps with swelling. While the cold therapy can be used alone it can also be used at the same time as the compression.

Both types of therapy help speed recovery. This also helps to reduce complications. The system has easy to use temperature controls and compression pressure controls. Detailed instructions are included making this a simple system to use. The unit regulates the temperature of the water to help protect the skin. Allowing patients the choice to use the cold therapy as often as they like.

The Game-Ready® rental ships to you within 2 business days. At the end of the 2 week rental, you simply ship the unit back. Game-Ready® provides the shipping waybill.

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What is Game Ready® and how does it work?

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Game-Ready® Benefits:

  • Reduces patient narcotic use.
  • Improves post-operative range of motion.
  • Increases patient satisfaction with recovery process.
  • Reduces likelihood for blood transfusion.
  • Shortens patient hospital admission time.
  • Provides less wound discharge which reduces risk of infection.
  • Improves surface contact for faster, deeper, longer-lasting cooling.
  • Decreases pain and muscle spasms, edema, and swelling.