BREG® Polar Care Kodiak Wave

Overview: BREG® Polar Care Kodiak Wave is a great option for patients looking to purchase a cold therapy and compression unit for use longer than two weeks, or for multiple surgeries.

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BREG® Polar Care Kodiak Wave

A device made for single patient use. It offers cold therapy and compression therapy. This unit can be used after surgery (post-op). In addition it can be used for sports medicine therapy. These units offer a choice of pads for the knee, hip, shoulder, foot/ankle, and back.

This system offers two different therapies: cold therapy and compression therapy. The cold therapy works by cooling the affected body part. This eases the pain and brings down the inflammation. The compression therapy helps reduce the swelling.

This unit has multiple setting options for both the cold and compression therapies for patient satisfaction. It also regulates the temperature of the water. Since it cools at a warmer temperature than ice, it helps to protect the skin. This allows patients to use the unit as much as they would like. The use of these therapies can help patients recover more quickly. It also helps to prevent complications after surgery.

The unit is available for purchase and ships to your home within 2 business days. Please contact Happy Brace Co. for pricing information.

What is a Kodiak Wave cold therapy device, and how does it work ?

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  • Provides cold therapy and dynamic compression to reduce pain, swelling, and also helps with inflammation.


  • Helps patients recover more quickly
  • Less pain also helps with swelling
  • Each function is essential for effective postoperative rehabilitation and preventing complications.


  • Control unit (1)
  • Thermal compression wrap (choice of knee, shoulder, foot/ankle, hip or back) (1)
  • Tubing set (1) also comes with a wall adapter (1)

Breg Polar Care Kodiak Wave Application Video